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Coronavirus Global Response
Prohlášení28 květen 2020Generální ředitelství pro komunikaci

Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Event - Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain


In Spain, we believe in the strength of solidarity.
Especially when it comes to saving lives.
Ensuring equal and affordable access to vaccines, treatments and diagnosis in the whole world is not just the only way to defeat the virus.
It is also what we should do; it is doing the right thing. We strongly support a multilateral response to the pandemic and the launching of the act Accelerator is a good example of the common effort needed.This is why we are co-leading this global campaign to mobilise funds, in which every contribution is more needed than ever.
We must rise to the challenge that we are facing.


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28 květen 2020
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Generální ředitelství pro komunikaci